Because if we take, we give.

If we're using resources from the earth to create our products, it’s only right that we give back to Mother Nature herself.

Paper products rely on trees - and though paper can be responsibly produced, recycled, and re-used, we believe it’s important to continue the lifecycle at its inception. Planting new trees. 

The reality is, no end-to-end manufacturing process is perfect. From the top of the supply chain to the bottom, it’s difficult to pinpoint every area for optimal sustainability. 

But as a brand, how can we play our part? Beyond doing our best to ensure our products are sustainably produced with recyclable materials, there are manufacturing and logistics practices that may not be within our awareness or control. So how do we give back at a higher level: with what we can control? 

Our commitment is that for every order made, we will plant a tree on behalf of our customer.

If we’re taking resources from the environment, it’s our responsibility to return those resources two-fold. 

Though we're not sustainability experts just yet, we are committed to Acoshia being a brand that gives back to the planet and the people. 

Check out our live planting dashboard below, to see how many trees we've planted so far.

Eco-Friendly Packaging


  • 100% Recyclable Kraft Boxes


  • Recycable water-activated Kraft Tape


  • Kraft paper for protection

Some of our products come in plastic to help with protection & preservation during the shipping process. This avoids damaged products resulting in further waste. Plastic packaging isn't the ideal solution for us, but we're seeking alternative ways to protect edges and delicate products in the future.